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Cambridge Student Community Action exists to encourage the involvement of students in voluntary community work, providing services to disadvantaged groups within the community and giving students a valuable learning experience. We actively recruit students from both the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University.

We offer more than 70 volunteering opportunities, with ten of these projects internally managed and specifically catering to the interests of Cambridge students. The remaining projects are run by a wide range of external organisations which we recruit for. Every year we find volunteering opportunities for over 300 students to support the community in Cambridge.

We have a board of 10 trustees, 7 senior members who are non-students and 3 student trustees

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Cambridge Student Community Action (CSCA) is in advanced discussions to merge with Cambridge University Students Union (CSU). They are currently deciding whether to go ahead, as in practice the Students Union will take over the CSCA if they proceed.

The trustees have approved the principle of a merger subject to development of acceptable heads of terms, satisfactory due diligence, and a contract. The Charity Commission has also given their approval as the charitable objectives of the two organisations are closely aligned.

They are currently in the process of running working groups to look at key areas. However, whilst the CSU committee have indicated that they are happy to include the community element of CSCA’s work, they will not update their objectives as they have suggested it would affect their Bye-Laws.

CSCA would be grateful for pro bono offers of specialist legal support in relation to the merger process, initially working between the two organisations to look at operational and financial issues, with a view to a heads of terms evolving from the process.

In particular, they require assistance with the following:

  • How to protect the community focus element.
  • Understanding their rights and position.
  • Ensuring funding for community work is ring fenced.
  • Ensuring CSCA objectives are protected and aligned with CSU.
  • Assessing a new heads of terms.
  • Ensuring they are asking the right questions.


Ahead of the student vote, which takes place in March/April 2023

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