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About the Organisation


St Petrocs was established in 1986 as a direct response to people sleeping rough in Truro. 35 years later we are still supporting people experiencing homelessness, however we have widened our influence and are working towards the more substantial change that is necessary.

St Petrocs was the first organisation in Cornwall set up to provide accommodation to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness, who often fall outside the statutory responsibility of the local authority.

Originally initiated by the Diocese of Truro, St Petrocs was established to offer support to those who have nowhere else to go and acts as the last line of defence against someone having to sleep outside. Over the years our services have grown, shaped by the needs of the people we support.  St Petrocs is no longer a registered society.  We are now a company limited by guarantee and registered with the Charity Commission.

Our services include a day centre with range of advice, support and practical services. These include primary health care; housing advice; specialist youth workers for under 25s; training and employment initiatives; crisis intervention; and mediation. We deliver the Smartmove deposit bond scheme for North Cornwall and Caradon, and we also operate a street outreach team as well as six direct access hostels.

Our organisational values of honesty, integrity, equality, and dignity are rooted in our history and shape the way we work.  St Petrocs is committed to ensuring that we are accessible to everyone regardless of any identity or characteristic. We want to foster an environment free from harassment, unfair and unlawful discrimination where everyone is treated fairly.

Request details

St Petrocs have been offered a 10-year lease on a vacant property above a shop in Bodmin. However, they need to understand the financial implications of taking on the property and bringing it up to decent homes standard.

They would therefore be very grateful for offers of pro bono support to undertake a condition survey, including identifying means to improve the energy efficiency of the property, and provide an estimate of costs for any required renovations.


The survey would ideally be carried out in early February 2023

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