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St Christopher’s Fellowship

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LONDON – Putney

About the Organisation


St Christopher’s is a charity founded in 1870 to create brighter futures for children and young people. We work across the UK and Isle of Man providing children’s homes, supported housing, fostering and specialist support services, all designed for young people in care, on the edge of care, or leaving care. We work alongside young people to support their development, grow their confidence and reach their full potential.

Our mission is to create brighter futures for children and young people. We do this by providing fostering, residential and support services where children and young people can feel safe and cared for. We support them to make positive relationships which give them the confidence to succeed.

St Christopher’s works with children and young people in care, on the edge of care or leaving care. All our homes and services are designed with young people at their very heart – that way we can ensure they are fit for purpose, offer the right support and achieve the best outcomes. As the problems facing our young people change, we look at how we can adapt to their needs. We develop new services that are “sector firsts” and refine best practice for children’s social care.

Our work is shaped by the ‘Head, Heart, Hands’ principles of social pedagogy, Head represents the evidence-base behind our practice, Heart is for the meaningful relationships we forge with young people and the Hands symbolise how we equip young people for real life by empowering them to make decisions. Last year we worked with 1,718 children and young people all under 25, across London and the Isle of Man.

Request details

St Christopher’s Fellowship are fortunate enough to have a large head office based in Putney, London and overlooking the River Thames. Since the pandemic and new ways of working the space is no longer being fully utilised and there has also been a recognition that the financial generated from such a sought after large central space, could be better used for front line services. SCF currently own the office and feel it doesn’t make financial sense to remain there when they could access a smaller space and would like to explore their options around staying, sharing or co-relocating.

They are open to a range of solutions including, selling, leasing/renting out all or part of the space, conversion of all or part of the space e.g. to establish co-working space for young people.   The current office has a reception, open plan office, 22 large desks, 5 large offices each accommodating 3-6 people, 6 individual offices, a large training room that can be split in two, a kitchen and a dining area.

If they were to vacate the space, SCF are happy to consider leasing or purchasing a new office space for themselves, with the following requirements:

  • A vibrant, open space (would consider high rise, small space).
  • Hold 10 members of staff at any one time, training space for 20 people, reception area, shared kitchen and access to break-out rooms.
  • Located in Putney / Clapham Junction with transport links to Gatwick and Heathrow

They would welcome independent commercial property advise to lead the senior management team through the process of identifying new premises, the size required and advising on what makes financial sense, providing creative insight into the full range of options about the use of their head office.


St Christopher’s Fellowship would like to have completed the project by the beginning of the 2024 financial year

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