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The Amber Foundation

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The Amber Foundation provides a temporary home to young homeless people across 4 centres in Kent, Surrey, Wiltshire and Devon. Our support goes beyond just accommodation, young people take part in our programme of support with the aim of helping them move on from Amber into employment and sustainable accommodation.

What makes Amber special is our tailored approach that is hands-on and focusses on each young person’s strengths. Every young person that comes to Amber has their own individual plan but our programme of support and theory of change is based around young people focussing on 4 key areas of their lives: employability, independent living, health, mental-health and wellbeing, and personal development.

Young people who have experienced childhood trauma, or escaped domestic violence, too often become homeless. Sleeping on sofas or in hostels, they struggle to find work with devastating effect on their self-confidence and mental health. It’s a vicious spiral that’s hard to break. That’s where Amber comes in. We provide a temporary home and a programme of support that helps young people transform their lives for good. 72% move on from Amber into independent housing, with a job or back into education.

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The Amber Foundation currently occupy a 32 unit supported accommodation unit for young homeless people in Dorking, Surrey, providing 24/7 shelter, support and guidance. This consists of individual bedrooms along with shared spaces in a Jacobean style mansion house with Grade II listed status.

The building interior is in need of some cosmetic attention and the charity would therefore be grateful for pro bono support with decorating some of the communal areas and some of the bedrooms. They are also seeking help to fit out a small kitchenette.



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