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Legal – prescriptive easement

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Look Ahead is a specialist housing association and provider of tailor-made care, support and accommodation services. We support thousands of people across London and the South East with a diverse range of needs, helping them to make individual choices, achieve goals, and take control of their own lives.

Currently, we are a trusted partner for over 37 local authorities and health trusts, providing specialist support and care for people with needs including:

  • Homelessness and complex needs.
  • Young people/care leavers.
  • Mental health and learning disabilities.

We are currently developing a property in West London to provide additional housing for young homeless people and are being supported by a LandAid/ SEGRO grant.

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During the redevelopment of a property in West London a legal dispute began with a neighbour of the development, regarding right of way over an alley way. The dispute is impacting the live construction project and creating a delay. The neighbour disputes the right of way but is currently negotiating access for construction work. Look Ahead currently have statutory declarations from previous owners regarding the free use of the alley dating back to 1972.

To protect Look Ahead’s interests in the long term they have been advised that a prescriptive easement is recommended and they are therefore seeking pro bono support to take the process from application to completion.

Look Ahead have already procured legal services but now require further advice and would welcome support with applying for the prescriptive easement application, to include managing any objections through the First Tier Tribunal if required. N.B. the neighbours’ property is mortgaged.


ASAP – in April

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