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About the Organisation


Look Ahead is a specialist housing association and provider of tailor-made care, support and accommodation services. We support thousands of people across London and the South East with a diverse range of needs, helping them to make individual choices, achieve goals, and take control of their own lives.

Currently, we are a trusted partner for over 37 local authorities and health trusts, providing specialist support and care for people with needs including:

  • Homelessness and complex needs.
  • Young people/care leavers.
  • Mental health and learning disabilities.

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Look Ahead’s Head Office is currently located in Westminster. This is where the charity houses its central functions and corporate services, it is not a client-facing service delivery space.

The current space is no longer fit for purpose and the lease is due to end in May 2024. Therefore, Look Ahead are at the beginning of their search for new premises. They have a modest budget available, but they are conscious of stretching this as far as possible and the potential need to spend some of this money on remodelling a premises to suit their needs.

Look Ahead would therefore be very grateful for pro bono services to help with identifying a new premises to suit their needs and available budget. They are able to furnish the space themselves and they are open to creative solutions.

The specifications that Look Ahead are working with are as follows:

  • Based in East or Central London in the vicinity of good transport links
  • Circa 4,000 – 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Space for up to 80 desks (50 minimum)
  • Access to a boardroom for c.20 people and 2 x smaller meeting rooms (ideally with sole use)
  • Kitchen, breakout rooms, toilets etc.
  • Accessible

One particular challenge they have identified, is balancing the timeline of securing premises and giving notice on their current property, so they would be particularly grateful for advice on managing that situation. They may also require some advice on dilapidations relating to the end of their current lease.


To move by May 2024

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