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Avon Needs Trees

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Avon Needs Trees (“ANT”) is a registered charity based in Bristol focused on acquiring land in the Bristol Avon Catchment area to permanently reforest and rewild.

The charity wants to reforest the catchment with many thousands of new trees, for a number of reasons:

  • To sequester carbon from the air, contributing to the fight against climate change.
  • To provide (cost-effective) natural flood management. Many of the towns and cities in the area, including Chippenham, Bath, Bradford-on-Avon, and Bristol are at risk of flooding, particularly as climate change advances.
  • To help enhance biodiversity and protect water quality by reducing nitrogen runoff.
  • Provide valuable additional public space, open to everyone.

Avon Needs Trees has ambitious growth plans and wishes to acquire and reforest additional sites.

They acquire land (2 significant sites secured, with others in the pipeline), rather than just advocating reforestation and rewilding to other landowners, in order to ensure that changes are permanent.

Request details

Avon Needs Trees recently identified a new site in County Bath and Northeast Somerset for their next reforesting project that includes a substantial amount of land along with agricultural buildings. They would like to explore commercial options for the buildings to generate income for the charity and the first time they would have buildings in their ownership.

They would therefore welcome specialist support to carry out a scoping exercise to evaluate their options around developing the associated agricultural buildings included in the identified site. 

This will not necessarily require a site visit as all information can be shared remotely.

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