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YMCA Yorkshire Coast

About the Organisation


YMCA Yorkshire Coast is based in Scarborough and provides services from Whitby down to Bridlington. We provide support to young people and communities through a wide range of services mostly based through the creative arts, to engage and capacitate people. By providing people with different ways to express themselves we encourage engagement, self-development and increase self-efficacy.

We offer the following service areas to people in the Scarborough, Whitby and Bridlington area:

Support and advice

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Training and education
  • Family and youth work
  • YMCA Theatre

We have plans to provide supported or affordable accommodation to those that approach the service after identifying a massive shortage in the borough. We are one of the oldest YMCAs, existing since 1846 but unlike many YMCAs we don’t currently provide accommodation, although we are wishing to change this.

Request details

YMCA Yorkshire Coast have ambitious targets to begin providing accommodation to 18 – 30 year olds who are homeless, vulnerable or have insecure housing. They have plans to alter their current building to provide to up to 50 bedspaces and explore placing an extra floor within the high pointed roof space, dramatically changing the look of the space. Their current building is a freehold property, with most of it built in the 1900’s and the remainder in the 1960’s equating to 4000sqft.

YMCA Yorkshire Coast would therefore appreciate architectural support to support to provide design ideas for their plans and guide them through the process, including the initial stages. The architect will be working alongside their current construction developer who is working towards on a impact basis.



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