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Bristol Samaritans
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About the Organisation


Bristol Samaritans is a charity working within the wider Samaritans organisation which covers the UK and ROI. Samaritans has been listening to and supporting callers for 70 years.

At Bristol Samaritans, we provide confidential emotional support to those in need of a safe space to talk over problems, feelings, stress or anything that maybe worrying them, especially those in extreme despair. We do this by telephone, email and by performing outreach into our communities.

Whilst we are based in Bristol and our outreach and prison services are normally restricted to Bristol and South Gloucestershire, telephone callers can be from anywhere in the UK and ROI (routed from Samaritans central office), email callers could be from anywhere in the world.

Our vision is that fewer people die by suicide.

To achieve this, we believe Samaritans has a crucial role to play in:

  • Reducing the risk factors that make some people more likely to take their own lives.
  • Ensuring that people who are at increased risk of suicide are supported.
  • Making it less likely that people who do experience suicidal thoughts act on them.
  • Reducing the likelihood that people will develop suicidal thoughts.

Request details

Bristol Samaritans are based in an old three storey building in the centre of Bristol and have a key objective to make the building as accessible as possible.

Earlier in 2023 they commissioned an access survey which was carried out by WECIL (wecil.org.uk). The survey identified that the required access improvements include installation of a lift capable of taking a wheelchair, ideally to all floors of the building. They are aware that installing a lift could also result in additional remodelling work being required to ensure safe access for disabled people and others.

Bristol Samaritans are unclear whether this is possible and would be grateful for the pro bono services of a structural engineer to help them understand the logistical and cost implications of installing a lift to either the middle floor or all the way to the top floor.


No set date, but the sooner the better

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