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Bristol ARC
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Bristol Animal Rescue Centre is the name for two linked charities, Bristol Dogs & Cats Home and RSPCA Bristol & District Branch. We’ve been helping, healing and homing the city’s vulnerable animals since 1887. We take in the animals in greatest need,  those that are stray or abandoned (we hold the Bristol City Council stray contract), have suffered from cruelty or neglect (via the RSPCA inspectorate), or that owners can no longer care for. We provide veterinary and behavioural rehabilitation for these animals before finding them new homes.

Our clinic also provides veterinary support for the pets of owners in need in the community through our outreach clinics. We also accept and treat sick and injured wildlife, in 2022 we admitted over 1,100 domestic and wild animals, provided over 28,000 days of care for these animal, provided over 5,000 veterinary consultations (over 2,000 of these were out in the community for the people in most need) and delivered community talks reaching over 1,100 people in the prevention of cruelty and neglect.

We are fortunate to receive great support from our community and in 2022 we received over 6,000 hours of volunteer support and the media supported us with over 160 pieces of press coverage. A range of local celebrities and corporates also supported our city-wide campaign, ‘Parkers Trail’ to help raise awareness of the animals that we help. We have  a huge emphasis on community support helping owners particularly those on low incomes, the elderly, homeless and disadvantaged, marginalised and vulnerable people

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The Bristol ARC’s animal home, clinic and charity offices have been based in the St Phillips March area of central Bristol, close to Bristol Temple Meads train station, for over 100 years.  Their site is made up of 6 buildings registered in different names, covering 1.5 acres with one building located on the river boundary.

Bristol ARC are aware that the LA have plans to develop the St Philips Marsh area in the next 10 -20 years and Bristol ARC have therefore began considering the implications and their options around this. Over the last 6 months they have been made aware of development plans by their direct neighbours on both sides, for a 17-storey student accommodation building (planning application submitted) and a similar development on the other side.

Bristol ARC would like to first establish their position and began negotiations with developers and the local authority. They have not committed to relocating yet, but it is looking increasingly likely they will have to.

Bristol ARC would therefore welcome professional support to help with an initial property consultation, assessing the impact of local plans, key considerations, necessary steps to take and how best to engage key partners for the best interests of the charity.



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