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Barnardos is the UK’s largest children’s charity and was founded over 150 years ago to care for vulnerable children. Via our 800+ services across the UK, we support and protect hundreds of thousands of children and young people, together with their parents and carers, in facing a wide range of issues, from drug misuse to disability, from sexual abuse to domestic violence.

Through our Gap Homes programme, Barnardos have committed to building and managing homes across the UK, to provide housing and support for care leavers aged 16-17 years old. These homes will be organised into clusters of 5 houses each, with a staff house in each cluster and a set-up like a Family Hub. Young people will each have their own individual home, with 24/7 support on hand. Support will include help with skills such as learning how to cook and look after the house.

Over a three-year period, we are constructing an initial 50 new, high quality, affordable homes for care-experienced young people (with intensive, tailored support for residents). The initiative’s name derives from the very small, commercially less viable infill sites that Barnardos hope to develop via relationships with local authorities and socially minded landowners, but also reflects the bridge that these homes will provide between leaving the care system and transitioning to independent living. The intention is that Gap Homes will provide flexible housing options for a range of needs & circumstances, including single parents and disabled care leavers.

As a home building programme, Gap Homes is reliant on specialised expertise from the construction sector for the effective delivery of projects. Our projects to date have tapped into this expertise through a number of mechanisms and at different points in the process. As the programme has evolved, so too have we developed our understanding of the key skills and inputs needed at critical points of the projects.

Request details:

Barnardos has selected a site for their next cluster of 5 homes for young people, on a site they already own in Birmingham (792sqm). They have conducted initial site investigations and have some early concept sketches provided by architects on their other projects. They are now at the stage where they need to procure a design team (or design/build partner) and some further technical expertise is required to support this process.

Barnardos would be very grateful for offers of pro bono support from a consultant willing to act in the capacity of Employer’s Agent for their Birmingham project. They initially require assistance with the early stages of the scheme and would ideally find someone willing to support throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Specific areas initially requiring a consultant’s expertise in the first instance, include:

  • Developing the client brief
  • Pre-tender estimate for the cost of delivering the project
  • Develop an outline project programme
  • Putting together the wider professional team
  • Compile the Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR) and tender documentation ahead of the pre-tender process
  • Provide due diligence and advice on matters including warranties, licences, bonds and consents
  • Assist with the tender process on behalf of the employer including evaluation of proposals
  • Preparation and negotiation of contract documents



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