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About the Organisation


CWRC was established in 1982 by and for the women of Cambridge. It’s a welcoming community space dedicated to supporting women to change their lives for the better.

CWRC offers holistic, trauma-informed support tailored to women facing complex challenges, including poverty, debt, insecure housing, domestic abuse, sexual exploitation, low literacy and numeracy, unemployment, family and parenting issues, substance misuse, criminal justice system involvement, and poor mental health.

They provide several services including one to one personal support around a wide range of issues, English classes, employment support, a housing clinic, financial advice, art groups, drop-in coffee sessions and a free shop with high quality donated items. They also run a 12-week programme for women who have been subjected to domestic violence with the aim to reduce further risk and instil stability.

In 2023/24 they supported 363 women in need.

Request details:

CWRC  expanded and leased a building in Peterborough to deliver their services in 2018. They are tied into a repairing lease, which was renewed for a further five years by the previous CEO in April 2023. They have complete responsibility for all internal and external repairs and maintenance.

After a challenging year, the organisation decided to use the break clause and end the lease, however a dilapidations survey was carried out which came back with a figure of £100k, for which the charity is fully liable. Due to the risk of bankruptcy the charity was unable to end the lease.

It transpired that the roof had suffered damage which was not dealt with properly leading to excessive water damage. The landlord covered the roof repair costs (approx. £15k) which they need to repay over 12 months.

In its current state the building cannot be used.

The organisation would like pro bono support from a structural engineer to get a second opinion on the work to be carried out by the roofers. 


Ideally before September 2024

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