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Personalised Eating Disorder Support (PEDS)



About the Organisation


PEDS are a Nurse-led specialist eating disorder charity, supporting individuals in the Peterborough and the Cambridgeshire area. The two co-founders, Mandy and Sue, Nurses with mental health and paediatric backgrounds, recognised the need for early intervention and prevention and so PEDS was formed. PEDS became an independent eating disorder charity in April 2014.

The team of 13 includes 5 Nurses and a nutritionist. They receive roughly 70 referrals per month from patients within Cambridgeshire, including referrals from GP’s, as well as patients’ self-referrals. They strive to provide an open, all-age, early intervention service recognising that people’s best chance of recovery is accessing early treatment.

Their primary objective is to provide a nurse led, Personalised Eating Disorder Support with the aim being to help people to manage their eating disorder and to ‘Build a Life to Get Well For’- a life that is not controlled by the illness.

Request details:

PEDS have found a new building to move into, to create a PEDS centre which will enable them to support more people.

The building is currently owned by Peterborough City Council, and they plan to lease from them for 9 months. The building is then being sold to a third party, who they have met with, and say they would be happy for them to remain and be part of their expansion plan.

The organisation therefore require legal pro bono support to look over the lease and advise on next steps.


By July 2024

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