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Jehovah Evangelical Team
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Jehovah Evangelical Team (JET) is a Christian outreach organisation which exists to advance the Christian faith for public benefit in the UK and worldwide. Much of our activity is focussed on providing pastoral care and outreach initiatives to bring comfort and respite to the vulnerable in our communities.

JET seeks to address issues of disadvantage in and around our community, including youth homelessness and food poverty. Each week our dedicated team of volunteers donate their time and resources to gather and serve the vulnerable, hungry and homelessness young/residents in our community. We regularly receive donated materials but members cover most of the outgoings themselves, including food and drinks, toiletries, games, IT equipment, internet data every week.

We also undertake advocacy and support services to help people experiencing homelessness to find a safe place to sleep, as well as supporting foodbanks and responding to crisis
situations. Our aim is to analyse the causes and conditions of people’s circumstances, establishing pragmatic and compassionate programmes to relieve suffering and advancing the fight for
more support in the community.

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JET are a small organisation in the early stages of expanding their services. Their ambition is to establish a dedicated centre where homeless people can stay for a short period within a daycentre environment, that provides emergency accommodation, hot food and outreach services

Jehovah Evangelical Team would therefore be very grateful for pro bono advice on the process involved in acquiring such premises and the options for sourcing and financing somewhere suitable, to help them take their vital services to the next level.


ASAP – JET are keen to progress their plans as soon as they can.

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