M&G Real Estate team presenting big cheque to LandAid

M&G Real Estate donate over £50K in 2017

M&G Real Estate are a proud LandAid Foundation Partner, making an annual corporate donation to LandAid every year since 2009.

Alex Jeffrey, Chief Executive of M&G Real Estate, says: “Youth homelessness can impact people from all walks of life, but the risks these young people face are depressingly similar, and the long- term implications for their lives are damaging.  That’s why M&G Real Estate is committed to supporting LandAid’s aim to end youth homelessness.”

In 2017, Alex set his company the target of fundraising £14,000 for LandAid, on top of the £10,000 corporate donation they make as a Foundation Partner. It was a huge target – but one that M&G Real Estate were determined to reach.

“We divided the target up between teams, based on headcount,” says Alex. “Team rivalry brought out the competitive streak in us, and staff came up with a huge variety of interesting and innovative fundraising ideas – from sponsored beards to yoga; cycle rides to tea trolley rounds; quiz nights to ping-pong tournaments … and a number of bake sales!”

One of LandAid’s favourite highlights of the year was John Duxbury, M&G Real Estate’s Head of Retail, signing up for a series of half marathons and 10K races to fundraise for LandAid. In total, he ran an incredible 500km and raised nearly £4,000 single-handedly to help us beat youth homelessness.

As a result of the M&G Real Estate team’s fantastic efforts, the company didn’t just reach their £14,000 target – they smashed it!

In September, they reached £30,000 – enough to sponsor a home with LandAid, bringing an empty property in Leeds back to life as safe, warm accommodation for young people who’ve been homeless. Learn more about this project.

They continued to fundraise throughout the year and celebrated their achievements in February 2018, announcing an incredible total of £52,679 - including their £10,000 corporate donation.

Alex says, “I was delighted at the end of the year that our final total was three times our target - £42,000 - enabling us to make a tangible, real difference to young lives by participating in LandAid’s Sponsor a Home initiative.”

M&G Real Estate are targeting another £30,000 to sponsor another home in 2018. We want to say a huge thank you to every member of the M&G Real Estate team – and we wish them the best of luck with their fundraising this year!