Donate your property skills

Many charities lack the time, expertise and experience needed to manage, maintain and improve their buildings. Using your property skills to support a charity is simple and rewarding way to make a difference. 

LandAid’s Pro Bono Programme matches the property skills of your company with local charities in need of advice, enabling them to deliver their much needed services sustainably.  We arrange pro bono property advice for UK charities supporting disadvantaged young people, families and communities, including those experiencing homelessness.

By giving property expertise staff gain a real and satisfying level of engagement with local charities.  They can acquire skills and experience and the opportunity to work alongside other companies as part of LandAid’s network.  For many companies it is an important part of their corporate social responsibility. 95% of the companies involved last year said they would recommend Landaid’s Pro Bono Programme and take part again.

In 2016/17 LandAid brokered pro bono property advice for 37 charity projects from 23 property professionals. The value of their work was £221,000, but the time and skills given leveraged a much greater impact. The charities who put a monetary value to the pro bono property advice they received estimated they had saved or gained a total of £1.1m with the advice facilitated through LandAid. Find out more by reading Our Year in Numbers.

Please complete our short form to pledge your company's skills or get in touch if you would like more information.  More details on how the programme works and FAQ’s can be downloaded below: