Colleagues attempting to set world record for popping balloons

Promoting your fundraising

So, you have a great fundraising idea and you want to let everyone know about it? Here’s how you can make the most of social media and internal communications to win the support of your friends and colleagues.

Social media

Make the most of platforms you’re already on

Promote your fundraising activities on the social media platforms you use the most and where you have the most followers. Don’t worry about setting up a Twitter or Instagram page if you don’t already have one – use Facebook if you have it instead!

Create a plan

Have a plan for when you’re going to share your social media posts, and on what platforms – and stick to it! Use a variety of messages, photos and even short videos to keep your followers engaged.

Share the journey with your followers

Getting ready for a race? Post pictures of your training. Planning a cake sale? Show off your baking skills to your followers. Photos, blogs and live videos are a great way to engage your followers and make them feel part of the journey, so they feel inspired to donate.

Internal communications

Offer your audience something

Sending emails to your team about your fundraising can be good – but offer them a reason to take interest! It could be delicious cakes if you’re planning a bake sale or entertainment if it’s an office karaoke. That’ll encourage more colleagues to attend your event and support your fundraising.

Weekly bulletin/intranet

Does your office have a weekly bulletin or intranet where you can promote your fundraising? This is a good alternative if you don’t want to keep emailing your team.

Flyers and posters

Go offline with your promotion – a nice poster or flyer can do the trick! Just remember to ask permission before putting them up in the kitchen, in the lift, on your CEO’s desk…

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Recruit your office BBFs to help you rally your colleagues to support your fundraising. The more people taking part, the merrier!