Our aims

In 2014-15, LandAid successfully harnessed the resources and expertise of 15 corporate partners to give £138,000 of pro bono property advice to 14 charities.

This free expertise included asset management, property searches, lease negotiation and purchase, architectural services, building surveys, cost estimates, tender evaluations, construction, project management and property legal advice.

This advice provided charities with the confidence, support and knowledge to improve their premises.

There is a clear demand for specialist property advice from charities and a willingness of the property industry to increase their level of pro bono giving.  

LandAid wants to harness these skills and facilitate at least £1,000,000 of pro bono property advice over the next three years from April 2016 to March 2019, focussing on supporting charites working to end youth homlessness.

With over 80 partners LandAid has both the expertise and connections to broker relationships between pro bono providers and charities to make a difference to charities working to end youth homelessness.

From July 2014, LandAid have invited our partners to make a pro bono pledge of at least 10 days of free property advice. We then match the skills on offer to charities requesting assistance.

Our aim is to match charities with professionals in their local area, providing a real connection to local communities through a pro bono partnership.