LandAid House Appeal

The number of young people who are homeless in London has more than doubled since 2011. It's a crisis we're here to tackle. And we need your help.

On 1 March 2017, LandAid launched an appeal to raise at least £1.5m to help create a pioneering building near Old Street to provide 146 bedrooms for young people at risk of becoming homeless. 

LandAid House will offer a safe place to live as well as advice on housing, education, training and well-being, a two-year move-on programme designed to develop the skills needed to live independently, and dedicated project workers to offer 121 guidance and support.

LandAid House is being built on the site of its 1980’s predecessor on Errol Street. The dark and institutional building had small bedrooms, no outdoor space, and no resident kitchens, meaning none of the young people could learn to cook.

The new building will provide clusters of studio flats around kitchen and living areas. Crucially, as residents become more confident, they can move internally to more self-contained accommodation.

The hostel is owned and run by the impressive City YMCA, London, a charity that’s supported well-over 30,000 isolated and homeless young people since it was first set up over 40 years ago.

How your donations will help

By donating to our appeal, you can be part of making this iconic new building a reality for the capital’s young people. 

And everything you or your company donates will be matched, pound-for-pound, by a generous supporter who has seen the project and knows what an incredible difference it will make. 

£50 could provide a full set of bedding for a new resident

£130 could provide a young person with breakfast for an entire year

£500 could paint a flat, creating a welcoming environment for five residents

£1,200 could buy a solar panel, providing free electricity for the building

£2,000 could furnish a bedroom so a young person can sleep comfortably and safely

£5,000 could furnish a whole cluster of flats, giving young people somewhere to live, relax and socialise

£25,000 could sponsor a room, giving young people a safe and warm place to sleep for the next 60 years

To hear more about the appeal, and how you or your business can be a part of it, contact