young women decorating room in house

Sponsor a home

Every young person deserves a place to call home. But too many young people right here in the UK aren’t getting the shelter or support they need. You can help change that. By sponsoring a home with LandAid, you can improve the lives of vulnerable young people for good.

It costs £30,000 to sponsor a two-bedroom empty home. Your money will provide safe, supported accommodation for young people at severe risk of homelessness every year. Young people like Ben, who grew up in care and had no-one to turn to when he became homeless.

Sponsoring a project could also help your business. Here's how:

A lasting impact:

Converting empty properties into homes is a win-win situation. It reduces blight in local communities, trains unemployed people in construction skills, gives excellent value for money and offers a solution to the soaring levels of youth homelessness. 

By being a part of this innovative and exciting movement, you'll have a lasting impact on a community and its young people. 

Brand awareness:

Sponsoring a home with LandAid can generate great publicity for your business. You'll be recognised on our website and in our newsletter, and included in press releases about the project. 

Your logo will be included on a framed certificate at the home you've sponsored and you'll be invited for a photo opportunity and project visit. 

Staff engagement:

We make it easy for you to talk about the project by providing regular updates which can be used in your internal communications and annual report. 

To find out more about sponsoring a home or to get involved today, send us an email.