Apply for a grant

There is currently no open round for LandAid grant applications.

LandAid has been focussed on tackling youth homelessness across the UK, awarding grants to outstanding projects that work to give young people the shelter and support they deserve. 

Since 2017, LandAid’s grant-making has largely been focussed upon building work projects for living accommodation: to renovate existing bed spaces, or to create new ones.

From 2017 to February 2019, we’ve funded projects that will create more than 470 bed spaces smashing our three-year target of 450.

We’re now taking stock and thinking about how our future funding can deliver the greatest impact in tackling youth homelessness into 2019 and beyond. It’s unlikely that we’ll launch a new open grants round whilst this thinking develops.

Future funding is likely to focus on:

  • Capital projects
  • Providing homes for young people
  • We’ll have a focus on capital projects where some sort of pathway towards employment/education for young homeless people is also demonstrated
  • We’ll be working closely with our corporate partners to add value to our projects including through brokering free property advice for our charity partners
  • We’ll continue to embed our national reach with a local focus, drawing on the expertise of our regional fundraising boards in our hub cities

We’d really like to hear your thoughts on the above. If you are developing a project that might achieve some of the above, would like to offer feedback or simply think that we’re missing a trick – please email our Grants Team on or call 020 3102 7192  to kick off a conversation.