Adferiad Recovery


Adferiad Recovery’s support people in Cardiff with complex needs including mental health and substance misuse. Due to COVID-19, they have seen more and more young people accessing their services who are in need of support, safe access to food and water. Adferiad predict that over the next three months the impact of this crisis on young people will only increase.  

LandAid’s £7,175 grant will provide hot food, drinks and bottled water to young people accessing their services.. This funding will also be used to provide access to practical advice to their young people.  

About Adferiad Recovery  

Adferiad Recovery support over 400 people each year throughout the spectrum of substance misuse and mental illness; from the person just about managing to maintain a job, home and family life whilst in the grip of addiction and mental illness, to the most vulnerable people who find themselves homeless, existing on the peripheries of society with no one to turn to.