Young woman in Carlisle Key

Carlisle Key


Grant: £31,604

The project

Carlisle Key provide a vital drop-in service for young people who are homeless, ranging from giving food and clothing to support with housing and benefits.

LandAid are proud to award a grant of £31,604 to help fund Carlisle Key’s first accommodation project. The money will support the renovation and conversion of a former vicarage into a hostel for twelve young people at risk of homelessness, as well as an office and a drop-in centre.

The impact

The new Carlisle Key Accommodation will provide a safe, warm home for twelve vulnerable young people, along with 24-hour support from a key worker.

The new drop-in centre will also enable the charity to expand support to young people not living there, with showering, laundry and cooking facilities available to all in need.

This project will be funded by Pledge150.