Young woman smiling beside a wall

Depaul UK


Grant: £100,000

The project

It’s not just finding somewhere to sleep that young people experiencing homelessness have to worry about – they also need somewhere they can go when they’re awake. Without a place to work or learn, they can remain stuck in unemployment and struggle to become independent.

LandAid gave a grant of £100,000 to help Depaul UK create a new day centre for young people who are homeless. The ‘Endeavour Centre’ is based in South London, where daytime support for these young people is desperately needed. The centre offers young people a range of activities to help build their confidence and self-esteem, including exercise, theatre and training in life skills.

The impact

The new day centre provides a safe haven for 600 young people facing homelessness every year. It complements Depaul’s existing ‘Nightstop’ service which provides beds for young people at a time of crisis. The support they receive helps get their lives back on track so they can look forward to a fulfilling future.