Fylde Coast YMCA

North West

As a result of COVID-19, Fylde Coast YMCA have seen a huge impact on their young people. Many of them are on a low income, have been furloughed or on zero-hour contracts and are unable to pay for the essentials such as rent and food. They also suffer from mental health issues, and Fylde Coast YMCA have seen an increase in demand for counselling support.  

LandAid’s £8,000 will help deliver remote housing support clinics, a tenant emergency bursary fund and will cover household costs such as electric, gas and food.  

About Fylde Coast YMCA 

YMCA Fylde Coast is an independent charity forming part of the worldwide YMCA movement. Their services are designed to support all sections of society, but in particular young people, with the intention of helping everyone to achieve their full physical, social, cultural and spiritual potential.