Young volunteer working on construction project

Homefirst Plus


Grant: £60,000

The project

Homefirrst Plus lease or buy long-term empty properties and bring them back into use for people in local housing need. They provide accommodation for young people at risk of homelessness, including young parents.          

LandAid’s £60,000 grant enabled Somerset Care and Repair to create 3 one-double bed modular homes, helping young people who’ve experienced homelessness to move on from fully supported hostels.

The impact

The use of modular housing construction techniques means that the new accommodation was provided quickly and helped to address local housing demand. Three young people received their own home, helping them achieve a greater level of independence than in a hostel.

The selected modular construction method provided onsite training for unemployed people. The charity worked with probation services to identify young ex-offenders who could work on this project, gaining construction skills for future employment.