Accommodation for young people

Nottinghamshire YMCA


Grant: £51,600

The project

Nottinghamshire YMCA provide living accommodation for young people who’ve been homeless. The charity promotes healthy lifestyles, runs activities and offers support to help them live successful, independent lives.

LandAid awarded a grant of £51,600 to enable the charity to renovate a 19-bed hostel, along with a three-bed house on the same site, to create safe accommodation for young people, include care leavers, people with mental health and substance misuse issues.

The impact

The project will create nineteen secure bedrooms and welcoming communal areas within the hostel, where young people will gain skills to enable them to live independently, including budgeting, cooking, training, employability skills.

The newly-renovated house will provide accommodation for three young people who are ready to move on from the hostel and achieve a new level of independence.