Group of young people standing outside St Basils accommodation

St Basils


Grant: £50,000

The project

LandAid is part-funding the renovation of the empty, former nurses’ accommodation block in the grounds of Sandwell Hospital, West Bromwich. The building, part of St Basils’ Live and Work Scheme Accommodation, will provide genuinely affordable accommodation for young people. It will create 18 bed spaces arranged in nine flats for young people who are working or doing apprenticeships but are unable to afford local rents.

The impact

The LandAid-funded project will mean that young tenants can live without benefits and are able to save for their next step in life. The tenants will have access to St Basils development and support programmes. There are also on-site construction training opportunities during the renovation work for unemployed young people, with potential subsequent construction apprenticeships.

LandAid is a proud ongoing funder of St Basils' projects. LandAid and SEGRO awarded a joint grant of £120,000 to extend their Gillott Road Centre so that more young people can embark upon life skills programmes. LandAid also awarded St Basils £150,000 to refurbish Trentham House, which means that at any one time 17 young mothers and their babies can benefit from a safe and comfortable place to live.