Young woman smiling

St Christopher’s Fellowship


Grant: £36,000

The project

St Christopher’s Fellowship provides accommodation to a range of vulnerable young people, including runaways, children in residential and foster care, care leavers and young people who are homeless.

LandAid has awarded a £36,000 grant to St Christopher’s Fellowship to enable the charity to create three new bed spaces for care leavers aged 18, in self-contained 1-bed flats.

The impact

The project will overcome the cliff edge that these young people often face once they leave fully supported care. It follows the charity’s ‘staying close’ model, providing young people with some independence but with the knowledge they can always pop home to their previous accommodation - for a meal, a chat, and support.

The young people will receive ongoing support and have friendly faces to celebrate successes with, along with the knowledge that someone still cares. The charity’s Skills for Life team will help the young people develop the skills they need for independent living.