The Whitehaven Community Trust


COVID-19 has had a huge impact on Whitehaven’s service. They have found it extremely difficult to look after their young people in this difficult time, as they are all confined to their rooms. Both their staff and residents are very anxious at this time.  

LandAid’s £9,670 grant will enable Whitehaven to continue to provide their support services, as well as allow their staff access to PPE to maintain their safety.  

About The Whitehaven Community Trust 

Since 1998, Whitehaven hasve provided homeless hostel for young people aged between 16-24 years. Their aim is to provide safe and secure accommodation with housing related support to vulnerable young people with a range of varied and complex needs, the ultimate goal being for the young person to move on into permanent, stable accommodation, taking with them the skills and knowledge required for living independently and successfully managing their own tenancy.