Martha's story

Extern Supporting Communities help make the most effective positive impact on vulnerable individuals’ lives; particularly people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

The charity supports ex-offenders, those leaving care or in care, refugees and asylum seekers, those with mental health issues and people with learning disabilities.

LandAid’s £75,000 grant will help fund the renovation of 10 two-bed properties to create 20 new bed spaces for young people at risk of being homeless.

As well as having a safe place to live, the young people will be given training in budget management, maintenance issues and offered training and employment opportunities to help them build a brighter future.

Martha is just one of the young people Extern Supporting Communities has helped.

This is her story.

'I grew up in kinship care from the age of five, and after 13 years of being in the same placement, it broke down and I ended up moving to a supported living unit in December 2015.

'Due to my tenancy ending in December 2017, my social worker and personal adviser reached out to Extern Homes. 

'The process was very fast and easy. The support I have been given is amazing. I have received support from Extern Homes, their managing agent, Rea Estates, and social services. These services have helped me with my skills in relation to independence and budgeting and also with my financial situation which I am very grateful for. 

'Moving into an Extern Home has benefited me greatly as not only am I am closer to work, family and friends, I also have an amazing home.'

Find out more about our work with Extern Supporting Communities here.

This project will be funded by RICS Pledge150.