Michael's story

Action Homeless provides accommodation to people and families in housing crisis. This includes emergency accommodation, high quality temporary housing and longer term homes.

Michael is just one of the young people Action Homeless has helped. 

This is his story.

Michael has been in and out of homelessness for much of his late teenage years and throughout his twenties. He was brought up by his Mum who unfortunately became a victim of domestic abuse.

'My mum suffers from a lot of domestic abuse and I couldn’t stand to bear it, that’s the reason I became homeless.'

As the abuse worsened and Michael grew older he made the decision to leave the family home but sadly found himself with nowhere to go. He ended up staying in a range of hostels, moving from place and place, but really had nowhere to call home. Michael has lived in various temporary accommodation settings within Action Homeless, until a couple of years ago he was offered a permanent home through the charity’s empty homes renovation scheme.

'I moved into a new house last year, it’s one of the best because it's brand new, Action Homeless only did it up last year, it’s like a palace when you walk in.'

Michael now lives in a formerly empty property that was renovated by Action Homeless using charitable grants. The two-storey property in central Leicester offers tenants privacy and independence with their own en-suite bathroom and kitchenette whilst retaining some communal space so that housemates can socialise together. Michael now has the stability of a permanent home and has started to move on with his life, looking for work and making plans for the future.

'I’ve had to move between lots of places in the last 10 years but the house I am in now is great because I can stay here as long as I want. I can settle in and it feels really secure.'

'I’ve got lovely housemates, it’s nice and quiet but there is always someone nearby for a cup of tea and a chat.'

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