The effects of COVID-19 have been life-changing for the young people XLP supports. Being cut off from education, friends and support workers has exacerbated preexisting challenges those who are young and homelessness. This crisis has made vulnerable young people even more susceptible to poor mental wellbeing and depression.

LandAid’s £10,000 fund will provide critical mental health support to disadvantaged young Londoners with challenging issues. This grant will provide intensive one-to-one mentoring, educational support , plus physical and online gaming activities for over 200 young people each week.

About XLP

XLP is a London Youth organisation which operates in deprived communities across nine Inner-London boroughs. It engages some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in the UK. XLP supports young people who have suffered multiple adverse childhood experiences, including abuse or neglect, sexual abuse, poverty, family breakdown or living in a high-stress household with events such as incarceration, violence, and drug and alcohol abuse.