YMCA Glenrothes

As a result of COVID-19, YMCA Glenrothes is now operating at a critical level. To overcome social distancing guidelines, Glenrothes has continued to provide regular telephone support to their users. Its community hub which provides support such as foodbank referrals have been forced to shut their doors for the safety of its staff and the general public.

LandAid’s £9,653 grant will enable YMCA Glenrothe’s to continue to provide its support services to its young people. This will also include PPE, food parcels and mobile phone top ups.

About YMCA Glenrothes

YMCA Glenrothes focuses on the prevention of homelessness. It is an independent local charity which is governed by local volunteers from Fife and affiliated to the worldwide YMCA movement.YMCA Glenrothes assists over 250 individuals per year who are homeless and require support.