YMCA Wearside

Due to the COVID-19 YMCA Wearside has experienced a much bigger demand for accommodation than it would in normal circumstances.

Phase 1

LandAid's £8,044 grant will ensure four bed spaces, already planned to open, will. These funds will cover the costs of providing furniture and licenses to make sure it is suitable for four young people, providing much needed homes for young people who would otherwise be homeless.

Phase 2

This £13,886 phase two grant will be used to convert four areas on four sites supporting 110 young people. This includes providing social distance screening and IT equipment to allow young people to access support via Teams, access to educational courses and facilities online, plus all of the services YMCA Wearside were previously able to provide. 

About YMCA Wearside

YMCA Wearside works with disadvantaged young people and adults right across its three main sites.