LandAid Pro Bono Programme

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At LandAid, we don’t just give out capital grants to youth homelessness projects. We also help a wide range of charities to find free, high quality professional skills, services, advice generously provided by our corporate pro bono partners.
Alongside this, we work with Vodafone to provide free data to charities working with vulnerable individuals across the country. 
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Who can apply for free professional support?

Our free support brokering service matches free professional skills, services, advice and materials to requests from a wide range of charities working with disadvantaged people, families and communities. Previous recipients range from addiction/recovery organisations to homelessness charities, and from community hubs to employability champions. If your organisation has a vital social mission, we want to hear from you.

Before applying, don’t forget to read our Top Tips to maximise the likelihood of your request being successfully matched with one or more of our corporate partners.


Who can apply for free data? 

charities.connected is Vodafone’s scheme to tackle digital exclusion through providing connectivity to communities of people who lack access to the digital world. People who are experiencing homelessness are in an extremely vulnerable place and can often find the resources, tools and finances difficult to acquire to keep them digitally connected. If your organisation works with individuals experiencing homelessness you can benefit from the scheme.

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Further information about professional support.

What kind of free professional support can you ask for?

Our large network of committed corporate partners are well placed to provide a broad range of both property-related and non-property support. Examples of the kinds of assistance that we have successfully brokered include:

Property-related support                                                          

  • Architectural / engineering advice
  • Development management
  • Property investment / financial advice
  • Property search and agency
  • Surveying services


Non-property support

  • Management consultancy
  • Communications and marketing
  • Legal advice
  • HR support
  • IT/tech support


This list is far from exhaustive. If your request does not fall into one of the categories above, please do still submit it.

How does the process work?

  • To apply for free support, please complete this short form
  • The LandAid team will review your request and, if considered appropriate, share it with our corporate partners in an attempt to match you with an organisation who can assist. Our partners meet roughly every six weeks to consider requests, but if we know of someone particularly suited to your request we will try to match it directly. The matching process may take a little time but please rest assured that we are doing all we can to find you the best possible help. We will be in touch as soon as we can. Please do keep us informed if your needs change, or if you find help elsewhere.
  • Once we have matched your request to a corporate partner, we will put you in direct contact with them in order to commence work.
  • Both you and our corporate pro bono partners are asked to follow the attached Code of Practice throughout your time working together.
  • We will monitor the progress of your project, and ask that you tell us when work is completed. We will ask both you and the provider of the free support partner to complete a very short post-completion evaluation survey. These surveys are vital to the continued success and improvement of LandAid’s free support brokering service.

For further information about LandAid’s free support brokering service, or to discuss a potential request for assistance, please email 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pro Bono Association Membership

LandAid is a proud member of the Pro Bono Association – a group of organisations working together to deliver free professional advice and services to charities and non-profits.