Our approach to impact

We aim to strike a balance between being able to learn from, and celebrate the impact of, the projects we support, without over-burdening charity partners with reporting requirements.  

In 2021 we set ourselves the ambitious target of creating 1,000 bedspaces for young people who are, or who have experienced homelessness, by 2024.

We also aim to broker £1,000,000 worth of pro-bono support for charities in the same time period.

We measure the social value of the support we provide to youth homelessness charities through our Social Value calculator, developed for us by HACT


Bedspaces are defined slightly different for different grant programmes. Each grant programme is focussed on creating a different sort of bedspace. All are vital if we are achieve our aim of ending youth homelessness, but no one is enough on its own.  


Our measures of success also include outputs such as the total number of young people housed and/or moved into employment through projects we fund.  We also track outcomes focussed on young people’s wellbeing and social connections. We also collect case stories, photos and videos (anonymised if required) to share with our supporters.  

Social Value

Through the use of our Social Value calculator, created by HACT, we assess the predicted social value of grant applications, and monitor the progress of the projects we fund to further our understanding of the value generated by different approaches.  

Our calculator produces two values:  

Wellbeing Value measures the positive impact which outcomes such as moving from temporary to secure accommodation may have on young people – this is ultimately what concerns us most. However, there are other positive impacts, such as the savings to the public. This saving is referred to as Exchequer Value.  

These figures, combined, give us the Total Cumulative Social Value of a project. 

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LandAid supports charities across the UK who give young people experiencing homelessness the lifeline that they so desperately need.

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