About us

For over 30 years we’ve brought remarkable businesses and individuals from across the property industry together to achieve lasting change and strive towards ending youth homelessness.

Every day of every year, thousands of young people in the UK find themselves homeless.

Many are forced to sleep in overcrowded hostels, on the sofas of people they barely know, or worse still, on the streets. Yet homelessness isn’t inevitable. It’s a problem that can be solved.

With the right support services and safe accommodation, we can prevent young people from becoming homeless and protect those who are. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Rising rents and reductions in benefit payments have had a negative impact on the country’s most vulnerable young people and organisations delivering critical services are struggling with an increase in demand. They desperately need investment to reach more young people.

That’s why we’re here. For over 30 years we have been bringing together remarkable businesses and individuals from across the property industry and wider built environment to support projects that provide life-changing accommodation for young people facing homelessness.

We help provide safe, suitable and affordable accommodation which brings young people out of the cycle of homelessness and gives them a positive future. We do this by:

Awarding grants

We award grants to exceptional small-medium sized charities working with young people who are at risk of becoming homeless, are currently homeless, or have experienced homelessness in the past. We mainly fund capital projects which provide much-needed homes for vulnerable young people.

Brokering free property expertise

With a focus on charities working with disadvantaged young people, families and communities including those experiencing homelessness. We match skilled property professionals from our amazing network of partner companies with charities in need of advice on their buildings.

Raising awareness of homelessness

We use our profile within the property industry to highlight the issue of homelessness and challenge stereotypes. We also provide a platform for young people to have their views heard through our Young Voices programme.

Our goal is to end youth homelessness. Will you join us?

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