Young people’s stories

The young people we work with inspire us every day. LandAid supports charities across the UK who give young people experiencing homelessness the lifeline that they so desperately need. Here are some of the stories of those young people.

Katie’s Story

1625 Independent People are a charity working with young people who are homeless, leaving care, or at risk of homelessness in the South West.  LandAid have provided funding to support young people like Katie. 

Juliet’s story

Juliet was forced into homelessness due to a family breakdown. 

Malia’s story

Malia was made homeless at just 16 years old. She had been moving between her mum and dad for some time and their relationships had broken down to the point where she had no-where to go. 

Ella’s story

Ella, 22, moved into her own room in new the YMCA semi-independent living property this summer. Prior to this, her home was a home-made shed in her boyfriend’s garden, due to family difficulties.

Jack’s Story

With the structure and support provided by Southend homelessness charity, HARP, Jack is now able to live independently with a solid focus on a both bright present and future. He is currently renting a flat with his partner and has an 8-month-old kitten.

Zara’s story

When Zara was 16, she discovered her family had secretly planned to take her to Pakistan to force her into marriage.  Upon discovering the family plans, she fled home, with no belongings and approached the police for help. The Anah Project provides 24-hour specialist crisis support, advice and safe refuge accommodation for Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) lone / single women and girls ages 16 and above, who are facing homelessness due to experiencing or fleeing domestic abuse.

Harry’s story

Nearly a quarter of young homeless people identify as lgbtq+. Akt supports lgbtq+ young people aged 16-25 in the UK who are facing or experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment. During Covid akt saw a dramatic increase in demand for their services, but a grant from LandAid’s Covid-19 Emergency Fund meant they could provide extra support to young people like Harry. This is his story.

Edi’s story

Before the lockdown Edi had nowhere safe to call home. New Horizon Youth Centre's housing advice team worked closely with NHYC'S partners to help ensure Edi (22) was placed in a London hotel as part of the Covid-19 rough sleeping provision.