Juliet’s story

Juliet was forced into homelessness due to a family breakdown.

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Lauren Doy, Communications & Engagement Manager

“My mom and dad split up when I was 5 years old. I didn’t get on with my mum and would have chosen to live with my dad permanently if I could. I ended up going back and forth, living with my mom for a while then back with my dad. He became homeless and I stayed with him in B&Bs for a while until he moved in with his sister and her family. There wasn’t space for me there so I had to move back in with my mom until I left school.

My relationship with my mom became really bad and we had terrible arguments every day. I had to get away. My step-sister said I could sleep on her sofa for a while but there was no room in her house so I had to leave. I travelled around and stayed overnight with friends in different towns, which meant I struggled to attend my college course and eventually dropped out.”

I was embarrassed to tell people about my situation but my best friend could see I needed help and suggested I phoned YMCA Cornwall. After meeting with the housing team I moved into a room the next week, then I was the first person to move into one of their brand new flats!

“My support worker helped me to plan a daily routine, take on adult responsibilities, budget for bills and food, apply for jobs and go for walks outdoors and be active. I’m looking into doing a childcare course at college. Living at the YMCA is a fresh start for me, a new leaf. It’s a wake-up call to sort myself out. I feel responsible for my own life and I’ll never get into that situation again.”

Juliet has now successfully moved out of YMCA Cornwall into private rented accommodation.