Become a LandAid Ambassador

Being a LandAid Ambassador is an amazing way for professionals, often in the early stage of their career, to play a vital role in supporting young people at risk of homelessness. You will also be driving forwards social value within the property sector, aligning with industry-wide ESG objectives.

The LandAid Ambassador Programme gives you the chance to volunteer your time and skills for an important cause and be part of a network committed to making change happen. You’ll help LandAid by increasing awareness of our valuable work in your business, by raising funds and helping to increase our impact through pro bono activity.

The scheme is intended to complement your careers and personal development, building your CV, making you more visible in your organisation and raising your profile in the industry.

Being a LandAid Ambassador makes a real difference to the lives of young people who are either experiencing or at risk of homelessness. With levels of youth homelessness continuing to rise, help is needed now more than ever.

You can become part of both a national and regional community. Wherever you are based across the country, the programme brings together like-minded professionals to work towards a collective cause.

The Commitment

By signing up to the programme, you’ll be committing to support LandAid to achieve our mission – to end youth homelessness.

To become a LandAid Ambassador you will be required to attend a short induction with the LandAid team. At this induction, we’ll tell you more about LandAid and all about how the programme works.

You will then have a choice to make. You will be able to join one of three streams: Fundraising, Profile or Impact. Once committed you’ll be connected to your lead stream contact at LandAid, your Lead Ambassador, and your other fellow Ambassadors on you chosen stream.

What is involved?

You will be connected with your fellow Ambassadors via WhatsApp so you can have proactive conversations about activity, and how to support both one another and LandAid.

More formally you will also be asked to attend quarterly meetings, where you will discuss LandAid’s upcoming existing activity and strategic priorities. From this, you will be able to decide as a group how you would like to work together. This may include putting on your own event or taking part in a LandAid annual event, fundraising in your office, talking about LandAid across your networks, or helping to encourage pro bono project matching opportunities.

However, we understand that you have busy careers. Things change, promotions happen. To ensure that we create the most impact through the programme, whilst allowing for flexibility, we ask for your commitment for at least one year. At the point of your programme anniversary, you will be asked whether you would like to commit for another year. There is no pressure. You can make your own personal choice about whether this is still the right commitment for you.

Which stream is right for you?

Profile, Fundraising or Impact?


Our Ambassadors are all different. You come with different skills, wants and motivations and that’s why we created streams. Whether you want to use your voice to amplify our message, you love getting your teeth into a crazy fundraising challenge, or you want to get on the ground supporting our charity partners through pro bono work – there is something for you.


1. Fundraising

Without vital funds, LandAid can’t end youth homelessness. Our Fundraising Ambassadors help us to raise them. Through promoting our events and putting on your own, by joining this stream you’ll be helping to fund vital accommodation for young people experiencing or a risk of homelessness, and getting us one step closer to our 1,000-bed target by 2024.

2. Profile

As the property industry charity, we have big ambitions to be supported by every organisation from the real estate industry, being seen as the solution to the ‘S’ in ESG. But we need your help to raise our profile. By talking about LandAid to your networks and supporting in marketing Ambassador events, you’ll be helping to spread the word about LandAid – within your organisation and the wider industry.

3. Pro Bono

We give out grants and provide pro bono support for exceptional front-line charities all across the UK. By joining our pro bono stream, you’ll be supporting us to do both these things. Getting your teeth into and advertising our pro bono opportunities and supporting us to make sure that the grants we give out create the biggest impact they can.

What are the benefits of being a LandAid Ambassador?

Learn new skills 

Volunteering as an Ambassador helps to develop leadership skills, organisation, and build both professional and personal confidence.

Make new connections 

At LandAid we see our Ambassadors as the leaders of the future. The programme will give you an opportunity to make connections with other like-minded individuals in a community across both the industry and the country.

Enhance your CV and profile 

Volunteering is a fantastic asset Ambassadors can add to their CV and can improve their employment prospects and raise their profile within the industry.


Networking sessions, panel discussions, and national and regional fundraising events. As a LandAid Ambassador you will have access to many moments providing an additional opportunity to connect with professionals from across the industry.

Make a local difference 

We have six hub regions: the South West, North West, West Midlands, Scotland, Yorkshire and the Eastern region, alongside London. So, no matter where you are located, we’ll keep you updated on what LandAid is doing to tackle homelessness in your part of the country.

Become a Lead Ambassador 

LandAid has Lead Ambassadors in each of our six hub regions and for each of our national streams. They are the programmes leaders, and bring together Ambassadors regularly. They also get the opportunity to attend our regional and central board meetings, including some of the top property professionals in the UK.

Want to know more?

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