Daniel’s story

Our Safe Places Grants Programme helped Daniel move from sleeping in a bus station, to a Nightstop bed (emergency overnight accommodation), to his own accommodation and now into full-time work.

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I grew up with just my mum and would be kicked out often, sometimes weekly, and over the smallest of things. After one argument in winter, I ended up sleeping in the freezing cold in a bus station. My nan was the one that found Nightstop. I was expecting a hostel, but this was a young couple (a doctor and a teacher) who just wanted to help people. During that rough period of feeling like I had no one to talk to, it was really nice to just feel normal in their home. I’m now in my own accommodation, in full-time work and studying performing arts. My dream is to go to acting school one day.
Thanks to the support of Nightstop (a network of volunteer hosts providing emergency overnight accommodation) and the fantastic volunteers that share their homes with young people facing homelessness, Daniel was fortunately able re-start his life, gain confidence and independence, and start dreaming of a brighter future.


It’s quite a scary thought to think about what I would have done without Nightstop. I am so grateful for them.