Celebrating the great, the good and the generous

LandAid is proud to be the charity of choice of tonight’s iconic Property Awards. Run by the team at Property Week, the Awards celebrate the great and the good of the industry, whilst also raising a significant sum of money for charity.


Last year’s Awards raised an incredible £8,000 for LandAid. That money means more help for hundreds of disadvantaged young people in the UK. It means more children realising better futures. It means more postive endings to stories like this:


Lizzie’s Story


Lizzie came to Jamie’s Farm at a low ebb. She had been living in a car with her Mum for six months, and her school was worried that she had begun to buy drugs. Her best friend in school had been excluded and Lizzie was on her final warning. One teacher had developed a strong enough relationship with Lizzie to suggest she might enjoy a chance to get away from troubles at home and school, and spend a week at Jamie’s Farm.


From the outset, Lizzie was the leader of the group, enthusiastically getting stuck in to every farm activity, and confidently motivating others to do the same. She was as at home mucking out the pig sheds as flipping pancakes in the kitchen. Her positivity was infectious, and all the other young people fed off it.


Four months on, Lizzie has already achieved two GCSEs and is in the midst of revising for four more. From only attending school for half-days, she has committed to coming in for full days and seeking out extra support. She has submitted applications for two colleges, and has become an ambassador for the SEN unit in school.


We’re hearing stories such as Lizzie’s from charity partners across the UK. Together, they highlight the incredible impact your support can have.


Tonight we’re raising funds to enable Keyhouse, in Bradford, to create more affordable housing for young people. An empty home will be converted into three self-contained flats and local unemployed young people will be trained in construction through the renovation process. We need £85,000 to do this, but with your help, we’ll get there.


A huge thank you in advance for listening, hearing and helping tonight. We hope you have a fantastic evening.