Five reasons to take part in this year’s Property Walk

Last year’s Property Walk saw 80 property walkers raise an incredible £100,000 for LandAid and Elifar! Jolana Lee of Revcap, who sponsor the walk, describes five reasons why YOU should take part this year:


Beautiful Scenery


It’s easy to forget how pretty the Thames can be. So it’s always good to remind ourselves how wonderful it really is. What better way to see it, than to walk along the Tow Path!


Excellent Exercise


There is nothing better than a good stroll. So why not make it last for 50km! You can walk, jog, run or skip. It is completely up to you. The rest stops are full of complimentary food and drink, so you can fill up as much as you like, guilt free!


Great Company


Many friends have been made along the way during this event in the last three years. People from all walks of life (no pun intended) get together, all in the name of charity. Sometimes you get caught up with great conversation, and before you know it, you are crossing the finishing line!


The Property Walk Party


The answer is YES, you will have the energy to dance the night away! With the adrenaline pumping, food on the BBQ, music blasting, it is amazing how much energy you have. Last year, I even managed a few cartwheels on the dance floor.


Raising Money


Let’s not forget what this is all about. Last year, we raised over £100,000, with 80 people walking. This year, we want to break that record, with more walkers raising more money! Elifar and LandAid are two amazing charities who do so much for so many. Elifar helps disabled people and their families, by helping them with aspects of life we easily take for granted. LandAid provides safe and affordable accommodation for young people across the UK who are experiencing homelessness. Help us help them by joining The Property Walk!