Forewords for the New Year


So, when we talk about the social ‘impact’ we deliver, are we really talking about something massive? Or are we talking about just doing what we’re here to do, or some good on top of our business as usual?
Paul Morrish, Chief Executive of LandAid

Are we talking about the impact we might have on a few lives, in our local area, or are we talking about real social impact – impact that genuinely changes and improves our society for a generation or generations to come?

This year will see an even greater focus on ESG across our industry, and yet more conferences and reports will contemplate how we need to define and do the ‘S’ part better.

At LandAid, and for our industry, we have the answer. Our industry is uniquely placed to tackle and help end youth homelessness.

And, at its simplest, the measurement of success is the extent to which we can reduce the numbers of young people becoming homeless and hasten positive outcomes for those who do.

The future

But don’t get me wrong – I do not believe that the industry should concentrate on youth homelessness at the expense of all other charitable engagement, or community support – far from it. The more ways in which we can support communities in need around us, the better.

However, a unified effort is required, now, more than ever, to tackle the rising numbers of young people falling through the net. We have the opportunity, and I believe the responsibility, to prevent another generation of young people experiencing the devastating impact of homelessness.

This is the impact we seek. But it will require focus, ambition and boldness.

Focus will therefore be the topic of my next short blog in this series. Look out for this next week!