LandAid increases transparency over its grants

Where does my money go? It’s a question anyone donating to charity has a right to ask. Being careful, accountable and transparent in the use of our supporters’ donations is one of LandAid’s core values. That is why, as part of its drive to improve transparency, LandAid has published its grants data on 360Giving.


LandAid awards grants to exceptional small-medium sized charities working with young people facing homelessness. We mainly fund capital projects which provide much-needed homes and stimulating spaces for vulnerable young people. By publishing our grants data on 360Giving in an open format, it can be shared and compared more easily using the GrantNav search platform.


An updated version of GrantNav featuring all of the data that LandAid has published goes live on Monday 16th January.


Caroline Fraser, Head of Grants and Projects at LandAid, says: ‘The 360Giving open data search platform GrantNav is a great resource, and we are delighted that LandAid grants are now included. It is the quickest way to find out who is funding what work and where. We are keen on collaborating with other funders who have complementary funding priorities – and GrantNav is helping us identify who to approach. The publishing process was straightforward and quick – thanks to the expert and efficient 360Giving team.’


Rachel Rank, CEO of 360Giving, says: ‘LandAid joins a movement of funders leading the way in using open data to support more effective grantmaking. By publishing information about their grants to the 360Giving Standard, LandAid’s funding is easy to access and compare, therefore providing a more meaningful picture of grantmaking in the UK. The data is available in our GrantNav platform, which anyone can use to search, explore and download the details of who is supporting what and where for thousands of UK grants, totalling billions of pounds.’