LandAid launches five-year strategy to support 10,000 young people in its mission to end youth homelessness

The UK’s largest funder with a sole and expert focus on youth homelessness aims to create £150,000,000 worth of social value in partnership with the property industry.

LandAid has set out its plan to provide homes, jobs and skills, and the foundations to grow for 10,000 young people at risk of or experiencing homelessness in its ambitious new five-year strategy. 

At an exclusive event at the Hines’s Grainhouse headquarters in June, LandAid brought together almost 100 of its core partners and supporters from the property industry and charity sector to celebrate successes over the past three years, and recognise the growing needs of young people across the UK. 

LandAid’s plan for 2024-2029 includes: 

  • Increasing access to homes and affordable accommodation for 5,500 young people 
  • Developing skills for, and access to, quality jobs so 1,000 young people can sustain a home 
  • Supporting a further 3,500 young people through a diverse range of other initiatives designed to build young people’s foundations to grow 
  • Creating long-term change in targeted locations with the greatest need 
  • Providing £1 million of Pro Bono support per year, and £4.5 million of Vodafone data to charities across the UK 
  • Being a valued expert and influencer amongst youth homelessness policy makers 
  • Creating at least £150,000,000 worth of social value 

Speaking at the event, LandAid CEO Paul Morrish rallied the industry to get behind the new plan:

“Looking back over the past three years, everyone involved with LandAid has much to be proud of. We have awarded grants providing over 1,000 bedspaces for young people, and over 3,500 young people have found the home they need as a result.”

“At the same time, the value of services and products we have brokered for our charity partners and for young people has exceeded £4 million. 

“But it is not enough. 

“Despite everything we are doing, as a society, we are failing to stem the tide of youth homelessness or solve the crisis. More young people are experiencing or at risk of homelessness than in decades. 

“We need to do things differently. As a charity and an industry, we need to recognise and harness the power we have to achieve lasting positive social impact when we combine our efforts and set our sights on a long-term ambition. 

“And I’m truly excited to get started and make the difference that young people experiencing homelessness in the UK desperately need.” 

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For more about LandAid’s new strategy, and to read the full document, click below.

Ending Youth Homelessness: LandAid’s Plan 2024-2029