So just how generous is the property industry?

This is the question at the heart of a ground-breaking piece of research LandAid has commissioned from independent experts New Philanthropy Capital.


With generous funding from Helical Bar and LandAid’s President, Mike Slade, the research team will be surveying as many companies within the property industry as they can to establish what companies and their staff give to charity, and why they give to the charities they do.


Charities hold a special place in our hearts and minds, and we all contribute to this phenomenal feature of British culture and society. We contribute as individuals, through public funding and taxation, and of course through corporate support.


In 2014, £2.1bn or nearly 5% of ALL charitable income came from the private sector – the highest figure since the heady days of 2007/8. Whether through corporate donations, sponsorship, payroll giving, charity of the year partnerships, or general fundraising, the business community is a significant contributor to the charitable economy.


But just how generous is the property industry?


As a significant recipient of some of the industry’s generosity we think it scores high in the philanthropy stakes! But aside from the support LandAid receives, we know that companies and their staff give a lot more, and to a very wide range of great causes.


As we embark on our own mission to tackle youth homelessness, we’re trying to establish the scale of that generosity, and the impact this fundraising activity and enthusiasm is really having.


NPC’s survey is now live. Invitations to respond have been sent directly to LandAid’s network of corporate supporters, and an open version of the survey will be sent out to members of RICS, the BPF, the BCSC, the WPA and the CPA.


You can complete the survey for your company directly here: http://www.smartsurvey,


The survey will help provide a unique picture of corporate generosity within a discrete and distinct commercial community. Answers are confidential.


With analysis taking place over the summer, we will be launching the findings from the research in mid-autumn, and promoting them nationally to highlight examples of some of the best in corporate giving.


Mike Slade, CEO, Helical Bar and LandAid President said: ‘The property industry has been good to a huge number of people, myself included. I’ve always believed that you should share your good fortune, a sentiment I know is shared by many dear colleagues across the industry. But I’ve also wondered why we give to who we give, and why we don’t give more. I’m delighted that LandAid is undertaking this ground-breaking, independent and confidential survey, and am proud to be supporting it. Now please just get on and fill it in!’


Jennifer Shea, Senior Consultant at New Philanthropy Capital said: ‘NPC is excited to be carrying out this research on behalf of LandAid. The property sector has tremendous potential to make an impact through charitable giving. This research will help us to explore the drivers of current practice, and to explore the potential benefits of the property sector improving its charitable giving practices.’