Taking inspiration from Knight Frank this LandAid Day

LandAid Day is just around the corner.


After year and a half of virtual events, coming up with new and exciting ideas can prove a bit of a challenge.


To find some inspiration, I looked no further at Knight Frank’s Day of Giving.


Every two years, Knight Frank’s global network celebrates its Day of Giving’. It’s Knight Frank’s 125th centenary and as such they had big plans to celebrate and raise a shed load of cash for their charity partners. This September, I was lucky enough to be invited.


After the last 18 months, it was brilliant to be back around other people putting on many and various events, all to raise money for the 5 charities supported, of which LandAid is one of them. The hubbub, enthusiasm and atmosphere on the day was brilliant.


There are very few places that you can donate to have the chance to throw a custard pie at Alistair Elliott, Senior Partner & Group Chairman, but this was once again his colleagues lucky day. Other events that you could try your hand included a Sports Day, a Mario Kart competition and even an ice cream stall!


There were also lots of events taking place across various other offices with Raffle at the Richmond Office, the YPREF Group organising a raffle and the Peaky Blunders taking on the Welsh 3000’s – one of the most extreme challenges you can do in the UK!


For me, the biggest challenge? Making sure I didn’t faint after my competitive side got the best of me and I’d gone all out on the static bike challenge. Perhaps some things, I haven’t missed!


So far over £342,000 has been raised – which has inspired us to get our LandAid Day thinking caps on.


We landed on the idea of Feeling Lucky’ – to have some fun whilst also acknowledging the luck and privilege the property industry have, and to give back to those who are not so lucky. From casino games, cocktail making or even recreating your favourite TV Gameshow, there are many ways you can raise funds for young people who are not so lucky.


If you’ve been inspired as well, please do get in touch with the LandAid events team to discuss putting on your own LandAid Day Event.