The Cushman & Wakefield PMO Coast to Coast Challenge goes global!

The PMO team at Cushman and Wakefield took up an interesting challenge in July 2020.


After months of team calls and isolation from colleagues, the team felt that they wanted to do something positive, something invigorating which was productive and challenging. Everyone got their heads together and arrived at the PMO Coast to Coast Virtual Relay. It really was a united effort, as the team took part in events in South Africa, Budapest, France, Wales, London and many local UK towns!


In total the team covered a staggering 528km’s in one week and raised an even more amazing £2550, with special thanks to the C&W management team for match funding what the team raised!


Monday 27th July (Lisa T)


‘Well, not a good start to this challenge…you’d think at the end of July the weather would be pretty steady, but I’ve woken up to torrential rain and wind. I am getting on with this though, I have made a promise and I am going to get on with it.


I am hoping the rest of the week will be better weather, but it has been great to get out and have something to aim for. After sharing my story on our team Strava page, I chat with some colleagues later in the day. Everyone is excitedly talking about how their first rides, walks and runs went, it’s great to feel so close to the team even though we are miles apart. We have something positive to talk about and there is a real buzz, I am super excited to see how far we can get.’


Tuesday 28th July (Alex J)


‘Exercising during COVID has been something of release and a good way to keep your mind occupied against the madness of the rest of the world. Unfortunately, initial enthusiasm for exercise soon wore off and lockdown eating took its place. This made the PMO challenge somewhat more difficult than it needed to be for me on a personal level having (what feels like) doubled in size. The best way to achieve the weekly goal…do it all in one morning and get it out the way. This leaves the rest of the week for curry and beer.


On a serious note, it was an enjoyable task for a great cause and I will be looking to repeat it in the future.’


Wednesday 29th July (Paul S)


‘What a great initiative not only to give to charity, but the process by which that came about and the positive outcomes all round. This got my entire family, all 5 of us on our bikes, making sure I achieved my goal, with my most avid supporter and coach being my 4-year-old daughter. With Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop we had fun, made memories, raised funds for charity and can’t wait for the next challenge.’


Thursday 30th July (Inder T)


‘It was the end of July, predicted to be the hottest day of the year so far and I still had 8km to walk! Having enjoyed taking the time away from my desk every evening to mark the end of the workday, I’d had to skip the previous evenings walk to complete a work deadline and was fearful the heat would get the better of me.


Having the challenge forced me to put work aside, take time to collect my thoughts and be more present when spending time with my loved ones. In the old world, I would never have recommended going for a walk to help de-stress (that’s what punch bags are for right?) but I’m now a convert and would recommend it to everyone!’


Friday 31st July (Sarolta C)


‘Even though I run for the good cause, I had to force myself to do my share because I was battling the Hungarian heat and my laziness. When I signed up to this challenge, I didn’t know it will be during my annual holiday therefore I organised friends to come and stay with me which usually involves long evening meals and lots of wines.